Minerva Invicta On the tracks of the
Invicible Goddess
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The Book

Minerva Invicta

This book is a fantasy story, which in literary circles takes the name of uchronia, from the Greek “no time”.

The title in Latin “Minerva Invicta” means “Minerva the Invincible” and leaves little room for fantasy on how this goddess appears in the eyes of the author.

In the story the data referred to are real, but it is the author’s intuition that takes on a verisimilar tone in its writing, so that the story seems real, even if it is not. The cut is direct and in the book the author tells the reasoning, connections and hypothetical traces that the Goddess Minerva would have left over the millennia until today. A style that deliberately has an essayistic cut, almost as if the author wanted to educate and inform about what really happened, what is happening and what could be in the near future. A unique text in its content that aims to entertain and make the reader think about how different events, but presented in a certain way, take on a unique value.


The author

Massimiliano works as a business consultant.

He is graduated in Law and married with Valentina with whom he lives in the north of Turin.

He does not consider himself a writer, as he has great respect for the category, nor a historian. He considers himself a self-taught analyst with a very strong lateral thinking that allows him to glimpse, sometimes see, logical patterns where others see nothing. In this story, having channeled these abilities and mentally and correctly organized the data collected, he has created the first in a series of books, unique in their genre.

Passionate about chess and Gorizian billiards, he keeps himself in training in the gym and with long walks outdoors. In addition to reading books of different types follows with pleasure some professionals on youtube.



Linked to the book, we wanted to include the campaign #minervainvicta which aims to gather and collect clues and evidence of the past or present presence of the Goddess Minerva. Not only that, but this campaign also aims to expand everyone’s knowledge about the greatness of this Goddess who represents the right values that are still very current and can be an example for our society.


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